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Voice Over Commission
Prices & Policies


My current rate is $100.00 USD per hour, per character, with at least one hour of paid work minimum per character. Prices are negotiable however the nature, scope, and my interest in the project will influence this decision.

Pricing will be matched to recording length.

I currently only accept PayPal. You will not receive your recordings until I receive payment.

I will need to approve of a script before recording.

I currently do not accept singing roles unless it's a specific circumstance.

Profanity and mature content is okay, however any sexually explicit content I will have to add an additional $30.00 USD an hour per character.

You will be sent the unedited recording session. If you wish for me to master and split the tracks, that will be an additional $20.00 USD per hour.

I record in 32bit 48000hz .WAV format unless otherwise specified.

Your files will be hosted on Google Drive for 30 days. Once you are sent the link you are responsible for downloading and keeping the files.

If you wish to direct me, it must be done via voice call on Discord or a similar application. If not, I will do the recording sessions on my own and do my best to match the script. It is encouraged for you to add me on Discord for instant communication. Send your Discord username and I will add you.

I will not charge for retakes up to a certain point. If the entire project must be re-done that will be charged.

Once a recording is finished, there are NO refunds.

Once terms are agreed to, I will give an estimate on when the recordings will be finished.

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